Inspiration from our Environment

After twelve-plus years of self-study in landscape design, plant propagation, plant psychology and natural processes, I felt compelled to use this knowledge in my daily endeavors.

Aesthetics, Inc. was born on November 18, 2004 as the most logical way to share my knowledge, skills, and passions. We all enjoy and appreciate beauty in one form or another. My taste for beauty centers on plants and nature’s expression of beauty. I find peace walking in cool, misty woodlands and on wind-swept natural-grass prairies, listening to birds communicate through song, watching a butterfly flit and flutter through the air and taking in colorful sunsets.

It is my hope that Aesthetics, Inc. will help others appreciate the beauty of nature and help bring your favorite qualities of nature closer to your door. We will add beauty to your life and environment.

Scott Johns
President – Aesthetics, Inc.