Custom Gardening

Customized Care for your Gardens

Scott has been gardening with natural methods, both floral and vegetable, for 25 years. His current associates are entering their 5th year of working with and learning from Scott.

Aesthetics, Inc. offers a unique experience for each of its clients. The most rewarding aspect of our work is creating long-lasting relationships with our clients and getting to know their landscapes intimately. Some like to work on their properties and want a little regular help to keep up. Others ask us to give all of the love and attention their landscape needs. Whatever your situation, we will create a plan that satisfies your needs.

If you have always wanted to have a vegetable garden but didn’t know how or lacked the time to create and work with one, we would be happy to help you create one or provide consultation. Growing vegetables within the already-established landscape has become an interesting trend. Whatever level of interest you may have, everyone should experience the pleasure of walking out your back door, grabbing a tomato or cucumber you grew yourself, from a tiny little seed or plant, and sharing it with family or friends.